Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium and the nearest beach an hour drive away, it was not that obvious to start a business in wooden surfboard building. 
The love for surfing started 20 years ago after a visit to Biarritz. I told my girlfriend (now wife) that one day I would start surfing myself because it looked like a fun thing to do.
6 years later and father of our twin girls, I hired my first surfboard, a 9ft single fin from NSP.
 Those 2 weeks in France I spend most of the time in the water than on my board but the passion never left me again.
A year later I bought my first surfboard somewhere on the internet, a 8ft mini Malibu.
 The following years I started to try to improve my skills and at this moment I can call myself an average surfer. I never have the intension to become a pro, I just want to enjoy my times on the water. Those moments are my “ZEN time”.
 Me, the board and the sea. Everything else is not important.
After I joined Surfrider Foundation Europe as a member I became to realise that riding a foam board was not that eco-friendly (no offense to those who love surfing foam surfboards). So I started my search for a wooden version.
 2 years ago I stumbled upon a workshop in Holland (Macsurf) were you could build your own wooden surfboard. During this workshop I discovered that this was totally was my thing.

In April 2016, I started my own business in Wooden surfboards and handplanes, nothing big, no mass production but with a lot of passion.

After I shaped my first surfboard I noticed that there was a lot of unused wood that you normaly throw away. After some research on the internet I discovered bodysurfing with the use of handplanes. So instead of trashing the wood, I started to create handplanes from it. To make it more unique I started to look at the shores of the Schelde, at beaches and at the sides of the road for wood.

Do I want to become a rich and famous shaper? No.
 Share the trill of surfing a wooden surfboard or riding a wave with a bodysurfing handplane? Yes!